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Your Event

Riding area (see the diagram)

Our mobile can be moved once set up if we are required to get on and off an area with only a few minutes for final placement and removal if time is of the essence.

The area for FMX is approximately 90 meters length on a relatively flat surface and around 10 metres width after the kicker and 5 metres width for the run in.

We ride on every surface from concrete to pristine rugby fields without damage.

For the BMX tow in we require a similar area in order to gain sufficient speed.

We have experience fitting the equipment into the tightest of spaces,jumping giant objects and landing to floating platoons, you name it we can find a way.

We can also provide a commentator and a PA system.

Event times and Durations:

We can fit into any schedule. We can ride short shows to fill in between band changes or be the main show at a festival.

We can work solo or with other acts to fit around your event needs.


The cost depends upon your budget and requirements, FMX, BMX, number of riders, level of riders, number of event days, commentator, distance the truck has to travel etc.

We pride ourselves on having the best riders and the best equipment to give your audience the best extreme experience for your dollar.

Thanks! We look forward to working with you!